When people ask you: “Why did you join BBW”?

The answer……………….

An active involvement in a support organization is a necessary ingredient to a successful effort in bowling promotion.

Membership in BBW offers the means to:

    • Keep yourself intellectually alive.
    • Establish and maintain a network of contacts.
    • Share the prestige of belonging to a recognized group.
    • Advance your expertise by tapping the network.
    • Gain the mark of an achiever, of someone who produces.
    • Stay abreast of current education and research developments.
    • Encourage your own high standards.
    • Discover new or well-tried solutions to promotional problems.
    • Promote a more professional attitude.
    • Gain access to journals and newspapers in the field.
    • Prevent burnout.
    • Find role models; meet accomplished individuals in our field.
    • Keep up with what is happening in bowling organizations.
    • Demonstrate your sense of responsibility to bowling promotion.
    • Recharge yourself.
    • Find an antidote to isolation.
    • Become aware of continuing bowling education opportunities.
    • Exchange ideas and talk shop.
    • Evaluate your own abilities by comparison to contest winners.
    • Participate in conversations to learn new concepts and meet peers.
    • Talk to people who understand your problems.

Fulfill your moral obligations to better our field of promotion. If you know someone involved with bowling promotion, the Buckeye Bowling Writers is the organization for them!

Borrowed from “Knows For News” October 1996

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