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Who We Are
Buckeye Bowling Writers
Who We Are... Our mission is to bring together in an atmosphere of friendliness and cooperation those who promote the sport of bowling in the State of Ohio and who are members of the United States Bowling Congress, and To honor outstanding publicity efforts by the members with an awards program, and To foster the exchange of information and to discuss the problems connected with publicity through the written word, radio and television, and To assist with the goals and projects of the Ohio USBC Bowling Associations and extend fullest cooperation to its programs, and To publish a newsletter to be called The Write Angle for our members.
The Beginnings... It would seem that Las Vegas, Nevada would be an unlikely place for the beginning for the Buckeye Women Bowling Writers, but that is the way it was... It was 1973, it was spring, and it was the annual meeting of the Women's International Bowling Congress. It was also the annual meeting of the National Women Bowling Writers. And, it was a time for thinking about the role that women writers could bring to the game that had become a part of their lives. The WIBC had already reached its destiny - that of the largest women's sports organizations in the world - but not its potential. A writer's organization, more or less a satellite of the National Women Bowling Writers, in local areas, could do much to help with publicity and promotion for bowling. What about Ohio? Such was the thought of Mrs. Mary Jannetto, Cleveland, a former President of NWBW, and a delegate to the national meeting. Why not Ohio?
May 24, 1973 It was May 24, 1973, and a letter from Mrs. Jannetto was on the way to the Ohio WBA President, Ruth Linamen, through the secretary's office. Secretary Helen Heironimus, without delay, forwarded the letter, thereby setting up action which resulted in eventually becoming the state of the Buckeye Women Bowling Writers. Vivian Winnet, editor of the Ohio Hi-Lites, the official publication of the Ohio WBA, was appointed to set up the framework for the Ohio Women Bowling Writers. No time was wasted in getting a flyer out to all the Presidents of the Ohio WBA local associations. This was an invitation to all publicity-minded members to attend a meeting on Sunday, October 26, 1975, at 2:00 p.m. at the Imperial House in Canton. The purpose? To organize a writer's group. February 2008 In February 2008, it was approved that it would be in the best interest of our Club to open our membership to all members of any Ohio USBC association, both male and female. That same month, legislation passed and we changed the name of our Club to Buckeye Bowling Writers and welcomed our first male BBW member!
Providing services in promoting and recognition through all media for the sport of bowling...